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Cristian Gutiérrez


I’m a keen, loyal, quick learner, eager to learn, hardworking, positive attitude,can collaborate well in team and highly interest in programming.

My blog



My developer´s way began

Start of using Arch Linux

Line of Code


All my work as a programmer is here, where you can see all the languages I have worked with.

I have also worked as a web designer, making websites like this in HTML or Wordpress.

I've always liked photography and it's one of my hobbies, in which I invest my free time.

I've done some semi-professional work as a graphic designer.


Project 0

Junction 2019

I've participated in Junction, Europe's leading hackathon. A great experience working in Finland. 🇫🇮

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Semana de la Ciencia Murcia

SeCyT Murcia

Through the Polytechnic University of Cartagena I have had the opportunity to participate in several editions of the Science Week of the Region of Murcia.

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Project 2

Campus de la Ingeniería

In this workshop, some basic concepts were explained in a pleasant and clear way, and not so basic about these equipments, their operation, their interconnection and the protocols they use.

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Project 3

APP Puertas Violetas

The application is directed against gender violence, has functions to help anyone who is being mistreated.

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Project 4

Free Open Source Club

University Club and Hackerspace that try to make known the Open Source Culture.

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Project 4

GDG Murcia

Google developer Group of Murcia where I participate in different talks.

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International Baccalaureate

Juan de la Cierva y Codorníu
2012 - 2014

Telematics engineering

Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena
2014 - Now


Sysadmin & Web developer

2018 - 2021

Teacher of Robotic for Quiero Ser Ingeniera Project

I was teaching future engineers to create and programming their first robot.

The workshop lasted one week, during which girls learned basic programming notions.

March - 2019

Store Assistant

After-sales technician:

- Incident management.

- Warranty management.

- Customer service.

- Provide comprehensive support and problem resolution for customers.

- Stock management.

July 2019 - April 2021

DevOps Engineer

- Definition and improvement of CI / CD processes (Gitlab, Drone, Gitea )

- Documentation management (WikiJS)

- Monitoring by Prometheus + Grafana

- Log management through Promtail + Grafana Loki + Grafana

- Container management through Docker with Docker-compose, Traefik as reverse proxy and loadbalancer.

- Tutoring of students in computer engineering internships.


You can get in touch with me and ask me anything.

Thanks & regards.